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OCULUS Rift S or OCULUS Quest 2 256GB VR Gaming Headset 🔥 (50% OFF When you buy 10 Tickets! enter WIN50 at checkout)

for only £1.49!!

If you haven't tried VR you are really missing out - The Rift S is a smart bit of kit and can integrate with XBOX  - Or it can be used on your PC while the Quest 2 lets you explore the VR world without the need for a PC or console (can also integrate with a link cable). With the Oculus App which give you access to thousands of fantastic titles. And for Driving gives you such an immersive experience you will feel like you have just stepped out of a real race car when you take it off!!!

  • Full virtual reality experience at home
  • Over 1000 games and apps in the Oculus Store
  • Simple setup with no external sensors
  • Includes controllers for Oculus Rift
  • Integrated VR sound system

Immersive virtual reality with upgraded visuals
Always wanted to try VR? Well here's your chance. Explore new worlds and play games in a whole new way with the Oculus Rift S or QUEST 2It's been upgraded from the original Rift, with improved optics so that what you see looks even better, with graphics that are brighter and more colourful.

Pull the comfortable headset on and Oculus takes over, putting you in a fully 3D world. As you move around in real life, you move in the game too – so you can literally duck to dodge obstacles, or reach to grab something.

Realistic gaming with accurate controllers
But it's not just the headset that's tracked in your games. There's two controllers included, so you can reload a laser gun with a realistic movement, control a steering wheel just like in real life, or learn how to box with Rocky – and it all feels as natural as possible.

Ready to play? Just open the box, set up the app on your phone, and jump into VR. Set up is as easy as that.

Improved audio and visuals

The new display is a single-panel LCD screen that gives you up to 50% more pixels than the original Quest. And thanks to 3D cinematic audio, you'll hear exactly where the enemy is approaching from.

Featuring redesigned Oculus Touch controllers, every action in-game will be more intuitive and your gestures will be more accurate.

Explore new games and old favourites

The Quest 2 and Rift S are backwards compatible too, so you can explore new titles and rediscover old favourites.

Thousands of games and apps available to play
Whether you want to take on fantasy sword fighting games, play around with robots, explore space, or just tackle puzzles in a 3D world – the Oculus game library has something for everyone.

There are terrifying games that make you feel like you're actually inside a horror film, as well as guided meditation experiences to help you calm down afterwards. And there's even family friendly experiences, and educational games for the whole family to enjoy.

Good Luck!

This competition will end on 18th October 2020 at 5:15 pm. The live draw will take place on 18th October 2020 at 6:00 pm.
The max number of tickets for this competition for each contestant is 10.

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The max number of tickets for this competition for each contestant is 10

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